Tourist's dos and don'ts

The BandipurNational Park is a Tiger Reserve and a wildlife sanctuary that is home to several species of flora and fauna. Nature is truly at its best here and we must ensure that we do not harm the delicate balance that is maintained. Thus, it is important that we follow a code of conduct while we are here to make this holiday a wonderful experience memories of which we would cherish for life.

  • We must respect nature and the delicate balance that is maintained and must not act in any way that disturbs or harms it.

  • Booking accommodation in advance would be the best way to enjoy your holiday or else you may be disappointed on your arrival here.

  • Preserve the available resources and ensure that you switch of all the switches and taps during your stay here.

  • Enjoy your holiday here but don’t make it too conspicuous that the animals get alarmed or are disturbed in any way.

  • You must listen to the guide or the concerned authority and follow instructions. Stay in groups. Do not venture to unknown locations or try following animals. The jungle is a dangerous place and so to make it a safe and enjoyable vacation do as you are instructed.

  • Entry before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited.

  • Please stop and let the animals cross the road, they definitely have the right of way as this is their home. Do not try feeding the animals it can make them sick.

  • Keep to the road.

  • Do not make too much sound. Musical instruments, tape recorders are strictly prohibited.

  • Smoking must be avoided, as one careless act can lead to a huge uncontrollable forest fire.

  • Do not litter or damage the place. Use the dustbins provided for the purpose. 

  • Do not tease or try to interact with any animal it could have very serious consequences.

  • Guns and inflammable material is strictly prohibited.

The Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary is a beautiful location for a wonderful holiday and we have a responsibility towards nature to let it be so. Follow the instructions and you would in turn be rewarded with a truly wonderful experience.

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