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A Geek’s Guide to Business Schools: The Top 6 American Business Schools of 2018 and Why

by Lena

A business degree is quite possibly one of the most versatile degrees out there. It allows you to do such a wide range of jobs available around the world, depending on the specialization that you choose. Whether you’re wanting to someday run your own business or you just prefer to work for a company that requires you to have some sort of business degree, here are the top 6 American business schools of 2020, and a breakdown of why these school rank so high. This list takes into consideration factors like average undergraduate GPA, average GMAT score, the percentage of people accepted, the employment rate after graduation, and how much on average it will cost in tuition and fees if actually accepted.

  1. Harvard University – Obviously it makes sense that Harvard University ranks at number one on this list. A leading force in education for hundreds of years now, Harvard boasts the top scores for many reasons. Undergraduate students average of grade point average of 3.71, and generally score an average of 731 or above on the GMAT. Acceptance rate into the business school is less than 10%, and about 90% of the graduates are employed within three months of graduating. To attend Harvard, the tuition adds up to a whopping $80,000.
  2. University of Chicago – A close second to Harvard, University of Chicago (Booth) accepts about 23.5% of the students that apply. Average undergrad GPA is 3.61 with a GMAT score of about 730. About 95% of graduates find jobs after graduation, and tuition adds up to just above $70,000.
  3. University of Pennsylvania – Ranking in at number three on the list, University of Pennsylvania in Wharton is another great option for someone wanting a well-rounded business education. Acceptance into the program is at 19.2%, with undergraduates averaging a 3.6 GPA and 730 GMAT score. About 92% of Penn grads find a job within three months of graduation, and tuition costs add up to about $76,000.
  4. Stanford University – Another great competitor in the business education world, Stanford University in California accepts only 5.7% of the students that apply. Of these students, the average GPA during their undergraduate education is 3.74, and they average a GMAT score of 737. However, only about 87% of graduates find employment within three months of graduation, and tuition equals a grand total of nearly $69,000.
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT in Sloan, Massachusetts comes in at number five for top business schools in the United States. Here the average undergraduate GPA is 3.57 with GMAT scores around 722. About 93% of students find jobs after graduating with a degree from MIT, and tuition costs are $71,000.
  6. Northwestern University – Last but not least, Northwestern offers an impressive graduate business program. Average undergraduate GPA is 3.6, and GMAT scores average 732. About 20% of students that apply to the program are accepted, and those that graduate have a 92% chance of finding employment within three months of finishing school. The grand total for tuition and fees at Northwestern comes in at $70,000.

There are many other great universities to attend across the United States but these are some of the best. If you’re a true geek like myself, you believe in being the best and obviously going to the best school so start here and give yourself a chance at life!

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