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Optimize Your Physical Fitness by Adding These 6 Foods To Your Diet

by Lena

Trying to get in shape but working out alone just isn’t giving you the results you want? You might need to start doing more than just hopping on that treadmill for thirty minutes a day. No matter what your fitness goals might be, there are certain foods out there that will optimize your results to the fullest potential. Don’t tell yourself that your long cardio session is an excuse to drive through McDonald’s or drink that whole box of wine. Give your body the extra boost by consuming these foods before and after your workouts.

Lean Turkey Breast

Lean turkey breast is one of the best forms of protein that you can eat after a workout. It will help you to build muscle and slim down simultaneously. There is basically no saturated fat in turkey breast, and it is packed with amino acids and vitamins (like vitamin B, zinc, and selenium). Prepare a turkey sandwich for dinner with fresh sprouts and give it a kick with spicy sriracha mayonnaise.


Whole grains like quinoa are not only filling after a day at the gym, but quinoa is jam-packed with protein and healthy fats that the body craves. Try making a naked burrito bowl with quinoa instead of rice, and add lots of colorful veggies and lean meats.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a great source of so many vital nutrients, like vitamin C and E, iron, and beta carotene. They are also known as one of the best foods for muscle recovery, so if you are on a weight-lifting regimen load your diet with sweet potatoes. If you’re craving french fries, try using these as an alternative. Roast them in the oven with olive oil and sea salt.


Lots of people that are trying to lose weight avoid eating almonds since they are so high in caloric value. But the opposite should actually be done, because almonds are high in healthy fats that the body needs to work at its optimal level and burn fat more effectively. They are also high in protein and vitamin E and promote healthier skin. Try snacking on almonds throughout the day instead of that bag of greasy potato chips.

Leafy Greens

It is no secret that leafy greens like spinach and kale are good for your health.  Spinach in particular is high in fiber, many essential vitamins and minerals, and beta carotene. It is also so easy to incorporate into almost any dish; throw some spinach into your morning omelette, or even make a green smoothie with a mix of spinach, fresh berries, and greek yogurt.


Oatmeal is one of the best energy-boosting foods to fuel your daily workout.  If you eat it for breakfast, it will keep you feeling full throughout the morning and allow you to start your day off right. Many people find themselves getting bored of just plain old oatmeal each morning for breakfast, so change it up by adding a variety of fruits, cinnamon, vanilla extract, honey, or even nuts and seeds to your bowl.

Green Tea

Drinking one to three cups of green tea each day has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer, and also assist the body with weight loss. If you are a religious coffee drinker and need that caffeine fix each day, try switching over to green tea for the added health benefits.