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Two things you must know before choosing your chocolate bar

by Lena

Are you an ardent lover of eating chocolates? Then, the most time taking thing for you to decide is what type of chocolate you want to buy. Here, you can choose several factors before buying your chocolate, but now we will discuss the most important two. So, continue reading this article if you are facing any issue with buying chocolates.

Percentage and composition:

So one essential thing to keeping mind is to check the percentage of cocoa present in the chocolate. You can get white chocolate, dark chocolate, or milk chocolate. It heavily depends on your taste that which one will you prefer. The higher is the amount of cocoa, and the less sweet your chocolate will be.

One other essential thing is to read out all the ingredients of the chocolate bar. This thing will help you in knowing if you are allergic to any of the elements. To buy pure chocolate, you will see lesser ingredients in it. The best chocolate brands mostly use only the sugar and cocoa beans to make rich and pure chocolate. You may find cocoa butter for extra delicious snd rich taste to the chocolate bar. Don’t go for the chocolates containing vanilla flavor as this will only reduce the richness of the chocolate bar.

Proper processing and background

Many regions supply cocoa beans all over the world. But the components of all the areas vary according to what there public likes. The first place when we hear about highly citrus and acidic beans is Madagascar. On the other hand, when we think about nutty and caramel flavored beans, we consider their origin from Ecuador.  You will find fruity and sweet flavored beans from the Caribbean. And if you want cocoa beans that are flowery and herbaceous, you can keep in mind the Peruvian. Even in a single country, there can be present many different varieties of cocoa beans.

One important thing is to know about chocolate is the process that is used to prepare it. There is an eight-step process that many chocolate manufacturers undergo. The primary thing is to ferment the cocoa beans and dry them well. This procedure is costly and requires a lot of effort, patience, and time as well. After this, using the nibs, liquid chocolate is obtained. Then, conching the chocolate and adjusting the temperature comes. And this is how you get bean to bar chocolate. If you don’t find this phrase written on the topic, you are just using the chocolate with any simpler, cheaper, or maybe wrong quality product.

To wrap it up

Hopefully, this article will be helpful enough for you to decide your favorite chocolate bar. Don’t forget to check out the ingredients to know if you are allergic to any component. Use chocolates in a suitable quantity so that you don’t face any health issues because of it. To get the best chocolate for you, you can check out www.chocolate-advisor.com.